Logolepsy Affliction

Sunday, February 19, 2006

I guess I should explain the title of my blog.

Psilology is just as it says; the love of empty talk or chatter. I found this word by accident. I was looking in the only dictionary I own for something else altogether. I happened upon this word and it struck me. How perfect! I had been trying to think of a name of a blog that would be appropriate and here it was, staring up at me.

I have always had an interest in etimology. Logolepsy is the term for this particular affliction (an obsession with words), though apparently the word is aniquated and not widely used. I recently found a great site that I could spend hours on just brushing up on little known words. Luciferous Logolepsy is definitely worth a look if you are into words.

Though this blog will have everything crafty that interests me on it, each week I will have the "weekly word resurrection" highlighting a word that is of interest to me. My goal is to get people thinking of using words that have been long-forgotten in an attempt to broaden the readers appreciation of language.

All in the name of communication, I suppose.

This might actually turn into something bigger. Some crazy art installation might be in the works but this end is yet unclear. (I also have a mild obsession with typography so these would tie in together quite nicely!)

The Fist Edition of "weekly word resurrection" will follow as Sunday is the day I aim to post this feature on. Most of my words come from my dictionary that I inheritted from my great grandmother. The Webster's New School & Office Dictionary is an edition from 1940 that Gramma used mainly to press flowers and "file" old newpaper clippings of note.

Since I have had it in my posession I have found it extremely useful as I have found a plethora of words that most of us have never heard before. Many of these words don't even appear in modern dictionaries.

Psilology is one of these words and when I found it, I knew this blog was meant to be.

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BIg Pete said...

Sorry I was wrong in your other blog you know PHILOLOGY.( I dont study the written records )

:-) see you