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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I did it!!!!
After checking the forum at Blogger, it seems it was not only me that has had trouble posting photographs.
This makes me very happy since I can post away now. (Will the bubble burst? Stay tuned...)

So this is a pic of my daughter modelling some of my recent work. Sorry for the dark photo, it was really an impromptu shoot.

The dress is a halterdress and the totematches with its vintage ribbon handles. The turquoise print is a vintage sheet that I repurposed and I absolutely love this pattern.

I will be sad when I run out of it because its my fave at the moment. I will have some momentos of it as I have used the scrap pieces to make some cute little pincushions with vintage button details. I'll post pics soon but they are the typical circular flowery type with embroidery floss.

I love sewing. My girl is starting to get into it to and she's always wanting to make little things for her dolls and stuffies. She even has her own little sewing machine that I picked up for her thrifting one day. For $5 I couldn't resist and she sure was thrilled to bits. She always says she wants to be a sewer & designer, "Just like Mom!" Precious!

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anonymous jones said...

Hi, found your blog randomly. Regarding the word 'masher' - must be an old usage because I've never heard it and my Dad was a Pom! However, I could describe my seven year old boy as a masher, but in a different sense!