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Friday, April 21, 2006

So here it is.

Excogitate - verb; to invent, discover by thinking, think up, devise, think out.

I have a tendency to excogitate way too much and not work enough on production.

Actually, what I have been working on that has kept me from getting much production (or blogging) done is our school's annual Walkathon. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year - a whopping $ 10,000 in the past 2 years running! Way to go kids!

I have been diligently helping out by securing prizes from local businesses that will go to the event. We also have our Fun Fair event the same day as the Walkathon so the kids get to have some fun after they walk their 5 - 10 K.

I am almost done collecting up the goodies and then I will be gearing up for the farmer's markets that I will be participating in this summer. Dates I 'll be showing in will be posted in the coming week. Any local readers should check out Your Local Farmers Market for more info on locations.

Sparks has also had me busy doing research for crafty things to do, appropriate for the K-Grade 1 age bracket. This is surprizingly challenging since some of the girls can't read/write well yet. I'm looking into the possibility of the girls doing some paint-your-own ceramics at a local studio. Adobe Ceramic Art Studio also has a prize up for grabs in the aforementioned Walkathon event.
Lots of fun to come in the months ahead.

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