I can't believe - I'm this old

Sunday, September 17, 2006

We have had birthdays and/or parties every weekend for 4 weeks now. Two more in the next two weekends most likely as well. When does it ever end? Lots of fun though. It keeps us busy enough that we haven't even entertained the idea of going to the evil place just blocks away from us. Thank goodness I have the kidlets trained not to ask for the stuff anyways as they say it's unhealthy and never eat it. If you want a bit of fun check out the do-it-yourself sign like I made above. Hoots!

Time seems to be going by at break-neck speed these days. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I just turned (gasp!) 35!!!
The whirlwind of back to school is finally over. I can't understand how it all gets so jumbled up when I am trying to keep things simple. I love the fact that we live only blocks away from the school so we can walk there in a few minutes. We've even managed to get there on time. Except for that one day. At any rate, HUGE improvement from last year. And to top it off I'm shuffling 4 kids along instead of just my 2 as I am doing morning care for the kids I watch. Makes for a hectic start to the day but that's okay. It is also more entertaining.

The usual business is all back in full swing, except for Sparks (Girl Guides) which has sign up this week. All the other afterschool activities are gearing up as well. T is back at preschool, four whole afternoons this year so I'll actually have some time to do something. It'll be gym & outings for us in the AM and school for him and work for me afternoons. Yay! Things are shaping up!

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