EP!C Sustainability 101 Review

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Anyone reading this is probably wondering what I have been up to for the past while since posting has been pretty sparse.

Well, there are a few things that have been monopolizing my time and one of them was the fact that I was asked to be a panelist at an eco-consumer expo called EP!C, the Sustainable Living Show. It all went down for me today at noon (though the show is on all weekend!) and I really discovered something about myself in the experience....I am never going to do that again! See the Tum Tum Tree Designs journal for more about the Sustainability 101 panel discussion.

While it is not likely that I will ever have such an opportunity like this one any time soon, I am definitely glad it is over. I don't like being on stage. It was hot and uncomfortable. I get really nervous in front of large crowds and today was no exception. I totally forgot what I had planned to say in the opening statement so I probably looked a little unprepared.

I summed up with a decent statement at the end when we were addressing the issue of paying more for quality goods that are sustainable. That was my saving grace in the whole event, though it's funny how I have pretty much blocked out the whole thing from my mind. I remember there were lots of "umms" in what I was saying and it is so weird how the words echo around the (huge) room and you can hear yourself through the mic. This would take a lot of getting used to for me.

There were some good questions and interaction with the crowd, which was quite packed. Afterward there were more people asking me questions and I did much better in those one to one inquiries I must say. It is infinitely clear that my written communication skills are WAY better than my presentation skills but I can chalk this one up as a learning experience.

The exposure was (hopefully) good for the business as the information got out for the most part. I was also sharing the stage with some very impressive movers and shakers in the green business field. Much thanks to Michael Gordon of MindfulYou.com for setting the whole thing up.

So in the "Note to Self" list the synopsis is as follows;

  • cue-cards - yes
  • "umms" - no

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