Sneak Peek

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Here are some sneak peeks at a little project I am doing. It is a swap with Rosehips from the UK and I have completed almost all of what I am sending her way. I want it to be a surprise, though the recipient does know what I am sending. The items will have the best impact if pictured in use, so hope she will be able to take some pics when she receives her package.

Rosehips has a blog you can check out and we organized a swap between the two of us. She is knitting me a little something and also sent me some lovely items that were here when I returned from March Break at my parent's place (more on the goodies I got later!) How happy was I to see a package just for me and just for fun!

Glad to have my camera back in working order after getting it fixed. It seemed like forever and I really had many moments of "I wish I had my camera for this" as we really have been busy folks around here. What did I ever do before I got this handy little piece of technology?

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