Buy Nothing Day

Friday, November 23, 2007

So it's Black Friday. Also known as Buy Nothing Day for those of use who are not really into consumerism in the first place.

What did you do to "celebrate" this day of not spending?

We made some yummy cookies at home. The kids had a friend over and the treats were definitely appreciated. I almost went to the bakery and bought some cookies for treats but then I remembered that it is indeed Buy Nothing Day so I got out the baking sheet instead. This is certainly a rarity for me as I am no Martha in the kitchen but the results were well worth firing up the oven.

I did a little research and found some interesting sites too. Seems MTV is definitely not going to give up their message of constant consumerism any time soon. Check here and see what they won't air as it sends a message that is not "appropriate" to their viewers. Pft is all I can say. Half naked and whatever else they show on there is okay, but not a message against mindless consumerism. Go figure.

I also found out that tomorrow is actually Buy Nothing Day UK. Who knew there was a difference? Ya learn something new everyday.

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