Busy Busy Making Gifts

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

We have lots of people on our list that we need to thank for all their hard work this fall. The Girl Guide Leaders (my daughter is a Brownie) are getting these little gifts.

A new and improved diva cozy for one of the ladies like the one above. (And if you are a certain person who asked me to send you one in Vancouver, it's now in the mail!)

And the other 2 are getting one of these lovelies each; cute little tissue holders. (I don't think either of them have time for coffee!)

The holidays get to be so busy, and add to that the princess' Birthday on Friday; I've got to get that all figured out somehow. We are going to go see Bee Movie on the weekend with a few of her friends.

Last night I went with my Mom to see Quartetto Gelato at the local theatre. It was a great show, not your typical quartet (I would imagine, only because I don't think I have ever really seen another quartet live!) It had quite a variety on the set and all the musicians were very talented. A great gig all in all, except for the fact that I think I was one of maybe 5 in the audience who were not of the grey-haired vintage. The show ended at 9:30 and let's just say the folks were obviously all out way past their bedtimes because the house emptied in I'd say less than five minutes.

It was a nice time and a little different for me to see something of the cultural variety.

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