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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Well I guess it isn't very anonymous if I am posting about it on here, is it?

A while ago I was in our local art supply shop, and came across a flyer for an event that is a fundraiser for the Arts Council of the North Okanagan art programming. This is it's first annual art show and sale and it is very exciting for me to be involved.

I submitted my expression of interest and got my application by email already so now all I have to do is pick up my canvas which I am going to do tomorrow when we make a trip up to Vernon (45 minute drive for us) to visit the Science Centre there.

I have to say that the big draw for me was the very long time they give for execution of works; they are due on Friday November 21st, 2008. That gives me LOTS of time to procrastinate work on my little pieces. Another plus for me is the small scale - all the canvasses are 8"x8". Small is beautiful!

There is a reception in December and works go on sale, splitting the proceeds 50/50 between artist and venue which is yet another draw for me personally (potential Christmas bonus for artists!!! Gotta love that!) You can find more details on the "News" page of the Vernon Arts Council website.

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