Lazy is the New Chic, Dirty is the New Cool

Friday, March 07, 2008

Or be glam and reduce ozone by NOT washing your hair!
Seriously, quit washing the locks and you will be both fashionable and environmentally responsible at the same time.

Who knew that two seemingly opposing interests could be satisfied with only one lifestyle change.

According to a study filed at the University of Missourri, unwashed hair absorbs up to eight times more ozone that the clean stuff. This means that there is less ozone available for you to breathe in so good news for the lungs. (Thanks for the tips, Hippy Shopper and Weird Science!)

The bonus being of course that you will also be fashionable according to a New York Times article. I guess it is a simple case of killing two dirty birds without a big shampoo bottle. This also means that I am sooooo hip and cool.

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