The Yoga Mat Bag

Thursday, April 10, 2008

This was an Etsy Alchemy project that I finished up yesterday. I've been having some issues with my internet connection and what a process getting it figured out. After 40 minutes on the phone with tech support it is finally up and running again so I get to post my pictures!

Back to the yoga bag, this was a first for me. No pattern, just measurements and some key desires from the client and the rest was up to me. I think it turned out well and if I were a yogini I would want one of these for myself.

There are a few little extra details that really make this a special item; a cute little pocket for ID and some cash, a strap at the top for hanging it up and inside is my signature keychain loop for hooking up the keys to.

I have been wanting to try making a hemp yoga mat bag for a while and this was the perfect opportunity. I have to say that my fear and loathing of zippers was diminished only slightly. This was the first zipper I tackled in about two years because I just can't stand doing them. I found this easier because the zipper was so long where I have only used short ones before so I will definitely be making more of these.

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