Monday, June 30, 2008

There is a project that I have been meaning to share with everyone for a while now.
I discovered Spoonflower a few weeks ago and instantly wanted to make use of this fabulous idea. The site is in Beta so it is fairly new but they have a very informative blog they have been keeping. The company will upload your patterns and print on demand your very own fabric! You can pick what size from swatches to yardage.

I will be looking to print a yard as soon as I decide what pattern I want to have printed. I think I will be making use of my Palinoia project and put some leaves together for my submission. I have already signed on since you have to apply for an invitation.

There is also a Flickr Pool that you can check out which is of course very inspiring so get going and see what it's all about. That is where I spied this beautiful print done by Juneprints.
Spoonflower prints
Image credit: "Golden Forest" from Juneprints on Flickr (click on image for more.)

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natha perkins said...

what a cool idea- I love your artwork too!

Jamie Ferraioli said...

Great choice of artwork to print on fabric! Very graphic and interesting to look at.