Etsy Alternatives - Second Edition

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The subject of Etsy alternatives keeps popping up in various places on the internet, most recently in one of Etsy's forum threads of all places.
I was actually surprised that the thread didn't get locked as it speaks openly of alternate selling venues that are obviously in direct competition with Etsy.

The outcome was very positive as there were several places brought up that I hadn't put on my master list of alternates to Etsy as an online sales venue.
So I got to glean a few more sites to add to the list. Some of them seem a bit more obscure and so there will be a few descriptive words next to the links.

Anywho, here they are. (For the original list of over two dozen links to Etsy alternates in some form or other please go here.)

Madeit - an Australian based site for artisans.
Erayo - "A Wholesale Marketplace for Retailers and Designers" - Site that offers freecraft listings.
YabbleBabble - "Handmade Fun" - site was sold (and subsequently closed) to an undisclosed buyer in August of 2007 but artisan links remain.
ArtsEfest - "Amazingly Creative" place to buy and sell handmade crafts.
Blujay - A 100% Free Marketplace.
Lunacraft - seems to be more of a marketing/community website than a selling venue.
Strictly Handmade - Low yearly fee for categories.
My Art Plot - Still in Beta so it's free, original arts & crafts
Veganica - For all the Vegan craft lovers out there
Craftfinder - Your premire resource centre for arts and crafts info and selling.
CraftMall - A fun and creative craft mall.
My Store - "Let's Shop!"
Yessy - A Gallery for art sales.

So that is it for now. I will update when I discover more of these types of online sales venues.
If you have any to add, please do !

World Wide Crafters - "Changing the way people shop; One craft at a time."
WinkElf - "Handmade by Thems-Elves"
GoZabo - "Uniting those who design with those who desire."
Bouf - "The marketplace for extraordinary goods"
Thumbtack Press - "So Hip it Hurts" - printing "shop" for visual artists

5 witty words:

foxaz said...

I have things on
it's a Canadian site, free to list.

This is a great list you've made!- & nice blog, too!

wink said...

There's also WinkElf where listings and stores are both FREE. Only 2.5% for sold items!!!

And so many features:

. Multiple payment gateways
. Scheduled listings
. Buy now and make an offer
. Search functions
. All members are telephone verified to reduce fraud
. Integrated social bookmarks
. Friends and hearts system
. Cross-promoted on GoogleBase
. Cross-promoted on MSN Live Products
. Store keyword meta tags
. Import eBay listings to store
. Digital delivery,
. Buyer rsvp's - wanted ads
. Full community with forums and private groups

And lots of exposure throughout the site. :o) And that's for starters... Much more coming soon.

The YINIA Crew said...

Please consider adding to your list. :)

Pam Hawk said...

Hi Stacy,
Can you re-post the link for your original list? The place where I think you meant to put the link doesn't work.

Many thanks ~

Surf Jewels said...

Thanks, very useful, looking into these.