My Second Treasury! Small Steps for Earth.

Friday, July 11, 2008

I know I was not going to be posting much but look what I got!

My second treasury! (Click on it to link to it.)

Again, just like the last one here, I happened to be in the right place at the right time in Etsy Treasuryland which is such a magical and mystifying place at times. I don't know what rhyme they use as a program for deciding who gets and who doesn't in the Treasury department over there but I have lucked out twice now so I won't question the method to the madness.

I'm not about to complain. I am very happy with this Treasury as I was with my last one and hopefully there will be others to follow. I picked a green theme again and featured items that have an element of sustainability to them. This was such fun to do this time as there were no frustrations as I had the first try.

So enjoy and have a great weekend everyone.

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Anonymous said...

wow you really do have a knack for creating aesthetically pleasing (and eco friendly) treasuries. i am sure mother nature is somwhere blushing right now ;) congratulations!


Robin Honig Willens said...


Pam Hawk said...

Very very nice. :o) The Lake Eric beach glass pendant is so pretty and the colors are cool and soothing... like the lake.

And of course, I really do need the item shown in the 6:00 position to support my coffee addiction!

Hey Stacy, stop by when you have a sec. I've got something for you!