Posting Dilemma

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

So today I am lamenting about what to post about and here comes Pam with the answer. Yes the answer is a question but it's a good one.

Pam has a great business and blog that will be getting a small face lift within the week as I promised. She also had a question regarding how to customize the basic "Comments" tab at the bottom of blog posts while using Blogger.

I had wondered about this too for quite some time and I finally figured it out when I was playing around with one of my test blogs. You might also have wondered about how to customize this basic feature as it seemed to me it is not that plainly obvious.

When you are in the "Layout" mode of Blogger/Blogspot, hit the Edit button on the bottom right corner of the Post area (as shown.) This opens up a window where you can change several of the posting options and there is a field that indicates what is going to show up where "comments" should be and you can just change it to your preferred wording. I am fond of alliterations myself but you might be into something more straight forward.

"Silly Sayings", "Random Rants"? I have seen some interesting takes on these but please remember to keep it appealing and inviting for readers to comment. So there you go.

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