Good (Blog) Housekeeping

Friday, August 22, 2008

I have recently been working on the blogging thing from behind the scenes, from research about post ideas to the technical side of things. Results from this will be up within the next week or so as I am implementing a new layout.

In the meantime I want to share some of the very helpful resources I have come across.
Yes, more geek tools for those who want to know.

In my research I found a blog which has very helpful information on almost all aspects of blogging, from some of the technical stuff to the daily grind of it all. The Written Word has definitely been an eye opener on several levels. I think part of what drew me to it was the writing style. Angela Swanlund has an easily understood way of getting the point across, even when the topic is technical. If there is "tech-speak" it is usually explained in simple terms for those of us who don't find techno terminology our fist language. I encourage anyone who might want to take blog writing to a higher level to take a look.

I also came across this very informative site somehow and this article about site maps was a big help. I submitted my site map to Google after using one of the site-map generators I was referred to. Hopefully my blog will get more traffic out of this but only time will tell.

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The Senakams said...

Thanks for sharing the Written Word blog! As someone who tends to yak too much, I'm sure I can use some pearls from this blog. You're a great resource as usual! :)

Marie Louise said...

Hi, just discovering your blog. Lots of great stuff - I've linked you to my google home page. I'll be checking back!