Some Very Basic Blogging Tips for Newbies

Monday, August 04, 2008

Once in a while I see artsy/crafty type blogs (that are usually newer) which have some interesting posting strategies. Links with straight HTML, pics that wander off the page area, dead links and other little things that are minor but also act as a blaring banner of "I am new at this blogging thing!!!" to visitors.

Being an amateur blogger myself I know how hard it is to navigate your way around all the issues that come up with this medium in the early stages. It is easy to get discouraged if you feel you don't have the necessary tools to give your best post presentation.

If you feel this might apply to you, DON'T despair! There are a few very minor things you can do to get a better experience as a newbie.

Here are some basics: (click photo for more detail)

#1 - Use the tools at hand - Write your post in "Compose" mode first and use the necessary tools; I will write about HTML mode in another post as it is also very powerful.

  • # 2 - Spellcheck - it's there for a reason!
  • #3 - When linking in a post, highlight the text you want to link and hit the "Add Link" button but be sure to insert the correct code
  • #4 - Use the extra "bling" for text sparingly and never use UPPER case letters unless there is a VERY good reason (this is considered yelling at the reader in "netiquette") Colours and fancy fonts are fun but it tends to get messy if you go too crazy
  • #5 - The eraser can be used to edit the formatting you went nuts with (#4)
  • #6 - Ooooooh - pretty pictures! Net surfers tend to skim articles and a good pic or graphic is always a nice way to add some punch to a post
  • #7 - Make use of labels which categorize your posts for easy navigation
  • #8 - Preview your post before you publish so you can get an idea of what it will look like and click on your text links to make sure they are working
There you have it. *** Obviously this is a list intended for Blogger/Blogspot users as per my handy graphic. Blogger is by far the easiest platform and the first choice for newer bloggers with less technical knowhow. If you have any other tips or questions please do share in the comments.

Has this post been helpful to anyone reading? Let me know!

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Pam Hawk said...

Hi -

This is great information that every beginner needs to know in order to make their blog shine. Thanks for sharing it.

Here's a more advanced question: How do you add the scroll box to share your badge code/link with people who want to put it on their site?

-Pam Hawk
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