Busy September

Thursday, September 18, 2008

What a crazy two weeks!

I think this September is going down as the busiest and most insane September on record for me. It rains and it pours, despite the beautiful autumn weather we are having.

I focused on getting a job which I happily accomplished albeit temporarily and that has been great but with it comes the art of balancing it all. It seems that when I need to focus on an area there are areas that will consequently take a hit with the attention to detail. My first area of less than stellar attention always ends up being the housework. I know this annoys some folks to no end (you know who you are!!!) but for me it is just a fact of life.

If there is a crumb on the floor for an extended amount of time, I just don't worry about it because as far as I know nobody has ever died from a less than sparkling floor. We aren't eating on it after all. The fruit fly epidemic I have however might be a different story.

2 witty words:

T.Allen-Mercado said...

*Giggles* It isn't possible to do it all...it just isn't. And, I concur crumbs are neither dangerous or deadly. Pets are good for getting rid of crumbs you know.

alamodestuff said...

I've had to learn to "let go" of the little things. It is actually quite liberating when "crumbs" don't bother you anymore!

Good luck as you find your balance!
I'm still looking for mine.