I Knew This Day Would Come

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Yield Back to School
Do You Hear that? No? Me neither! Silence! I guess you can't hear me jumping for joy either.
My kids (yep, both of them!) are off to school. For the whole day. Everyday.

Seriously, I know I should be all sentimental and teary because my youngest is finally off to grade one this year so he's in school all day. Finally. I guess I am kind of over it seeing as he went to school all day every other day in kindy last year. Now I am just glad to get back into the swing of things after nearly eight years at home. Yep, I'm getting a job. I'm not too picky about it either, at this point I'll consider anything. Anything that involves conversation with other adults during the day. Adults that I am not related to that is. The only other concrete stipulation is that it comes with a paycheck. Not too much to ask, right?

I don't usually dish about my personal life for various reasons but this blog has been a real life-saver for me. As a singleton WHAM Psilology has helped me stay sane and chronicle my goings on for the past 2.5 years. I can look back and see my progress with both my writing skills, (cringing at my first few posts!) my personal/business growth and my family life in general. It's kind of a "what have I been doing" list of the mundane for me but hopefully I have helped a few others out along the way. Mostly though it has benefited my sanity which has been a big motivating factor in keeping this thing going because, you know, kids can't have a crazy Mommy.

The bonus of course has been all the other friendly bloggers that I have met virtually in the process. I am so appreciative of all the readers who come here and especially the comments. You have made it all the more worthwhile. A big Thank You goes out and stay tuned, there is still more to come.

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The Senakams said...

I totally agree on how keeping a blog helps with sanity! My blog hasn't been around quite as long, but there are times I look back and see how I think or write or see things differently. It's almost a kind of chronicle of personal growth.

Thanks for sharing all the great tips you have! Keep them coming! :D

jeweledrabbit said...

Good luck on finding a job. :o)