NaNoMoBloPo or something....And World Vegan Day

Saturday, November 01, 2008

So it is National Month of Blog Posting day (or NaMoBloPo for short) and the start of (hopefully) a month of blogging. One post every day for thirty days. I think I can do it but only time will tell.

My first post this month also happens to be on World Vegan Day so I have something interesting to blog on about. I was tipped off to World Vegan Day with this great Treehugger post about the subject and a great smelling cosmetics company that has gone Vegan for the day. I also learned through the WV Day site that November just happens to also be World Vegan Month so I will have lots to write about for the month of posts.

I am going to try out some Vegan recipes also and post them here. Since I am certainly no whiz in the kitchen I will be doing some research on how to go about this in the most simplistic way possible. Once upon a time I was a vegetarian and I'll have to dig out those old recipe books I have hidden away somewhere. I think I could manage a vegetarian day each week since we don't really even eat that much meat around this house anyhow.

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