Oh Balls! 40 Days to GO!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Remember this post?
I have this idea to make some ornaments for my very neglected project in the feeble attempt to get ready for the holiday season in due time. When I checked back with the lovely and very industrious Jennifer's One Hundred Days blog I was reminded that there is now only 40 days left until the big day sooooooo

To that end I have ordered some lovely felted balls as pictured above so that I can make some cute danglies for our tree. I am going to embroider some white snowflakes onto each one and maybe add some jingle bells and ribbons. I looked on Etsy of course to find these felted balls from HandBEHG and would have loved some in green too. Unfortunately she has no green but I was happy to find her shop as many of the felters were located overseas. With only 40 days to go time is of the essence. I can't wait until they get here!

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Paper Girl Productions said...

ooo I love felted balls! To let you know, I make green for future!