Bushfire Relief Australia

Sunday, February 22, 2009

We were at Big White for the day and went down the gondola with a young man who was from the area hard hit by the bushfires in Australia. He said his family lost their home but they were very lucky because everyone was safe and things are now under control.

I could not believe what he went on to tell. So much devastation for so many in such a short time. He explain how the fires were so intense that there were mini tornadoes of fire storms picking up and moving around through the air, sometimes jumping up to 40 kilometres at a time. It was 47 degrees on the hottest day there. That was how so many perished so quickly in such heat. Those who were trying to make a quick escape often ran right into another area of firestorm.

There have been several things set up where people can donate to help rebuild financially. Etsy is one such place with the Oz Bushfire Appeal shop which is product fully donated to send funds to those affected. They have raised almost $10K USD so far and still going strong. Go to www.OzBushfireAppeal.etsy.com to see more and help out. There is something for everyone.

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