Blingy Treasury

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Here is a great treasury that will expire this evening. I wasn't going to post it but when I checked it this morning I was surprised at how many comments I had gotten on it. I think it is the combination of both a successful visual compilation and a great title. My last treasury title I had made up on the fly and it wasn't very intriguing at all. That one had only got maybe a half a dozen comments. This one is at 27 comments and counting and none of the commenters are the featured artists either. I guess there really is an art to a winning treasury. Check this one out here quick, before it expires! Let me know your thoughts on the process too, it's always great to hear how others do it too.

2 witty words:

kim* said...

awesome im ganna go check it out

cabin + cub said...

awww, i missed it. But from what i can see there, some great pics and a great title!