Happiness:Tribute 21 Plate Challenge

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

As I was stalking perusing Illustration Friday I found a link to a great contest for designers and illustrators to check into. You can see the details of the open call for submissions at the Design 21 site. This looks like an exciting opportunity to do some great work and help out the children of the world. Winning designers get $1,000 for the charity of their choice and a set of ten plates produced by Felissimo of Japan. You can see past entries on the Tribute 21 site (in Japanese, mouse over the faces of entrants to see their submissions.)

The Happiness theme is pretty open with the aim being to "communicate a wish, inspiration or message for children and future generations about happiness that's in harmony with our surroundings." Some really REALLY big names have been associated with this project in the past; Susan Sarandon, Sharon Stone, John Travolta, Todd Oldham, Christian Lacroix just to name a few.

The deadline is July 31st, 2009, so get to work everyone! My mind is already racing with some great ideas so get your pens out, the challenge is ON!

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