Thoughts on Hallowe'en Costumes

Monday, September 28, 2009

Well I know am early but I want to get a good start on my favourite holiday this year - Hallowe'en!

I am already gathering ideas and seeing what kind of costumes the kids want to go for. This site has some really great ideas for the DIYers out there. I am particularly digging this page with the Wonder Woman costumes. They look fun but I am not sure I can really pull off something so skimpy for a few reasons. (Mostly the chilly weather - I live in Canada after all but also, I'd have to hit the gym BIG time for the next four weeks to come even close to Wonder Woman standards!)

Instead of WW we as a family have decided to go as a trio of sorts; Inspired by the new Tim Burton film coming out next year we are going as characters from Through the Looking Glass. My daughter will be Alice of course and my son is going to be the Mad Hatter with just a little bit more convincing. I of course will be the Queen of Hearts. Muahahaha!

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