Daisy Dukes vs. Jorts

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Recently I have had to explain to my kids what "Daisy Dukes" are (thank you Katie Perry). Since I really could not find any words that would offer a(ahem) fitting description I had to resort to using a Google image search to find an appropriate example. Don't laugh, its harder than it sounds. Not your usual everyday "jorts".

So here is the original Daisy Duke a.k.a. Catherine Bach in her signature look. I learned a few things while researching this subject too. Did you know that Catherine was quite the seamstress and made most of her wardrobe on the original Dukes of Hazzard show? And did you also know that the network censors back in the day made her wear flesh toned stockings to avoid any wardrobe mishaps because her "Daisy Dukes" were sooo short. Who knew! Oh yes and THIS really takes me back! The original theme song by Wayon Jennings. Yeeehaw!

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creative halloween costumes said...

I dread the day when I have to worry about my daughter wearing daisy dukes. Such bliss when they are small, but I know she'll grow up one of these days.