My Word!....Password that is....

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Yes it's been so long since I have posted that I actually forgot my password to blog.
Things are picking up speed here. Summer is going to be absolutely crazy, I can feel it. We have every week booked up right to the end and we are only one week into June!

At least the weather is finally starting to shape up.

I have to point out that I put a new link on the crafty sites links list on my sidebar. It is for Michelle's blog that I did an exchange with recently for this fab package that we received (in a very timely manner I might add!) S loves that little mermaid & friends. She called her "Mariel" of course (rhymes with Ariel ;) and totes her & her little buddies around in a heart shaped red velvet chocolate box that we saved from Valentines Day. It is soo cute. She lets T use the little blue fish be the driver for his tiny car. I hope Michelle gets her package soon (of course I was totally late in getting it into the mail to her.)

I have learned a major lesson in this exchange; I suck at doing swaps.

What I mean is I have not enough time to do my essential musts - what was I thinking, trying to do an extracurricular, would-be (should-be) fun thing? I know now I can't take part in any more swaps until at least September since the summer is going to have me all frazzled.

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