I am now a Secretary!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Notice the capital "S" for secretary. Things went well at the meeting the other week. I'd call it more of a one ring circus. I got the secretary position so I am happy. Now I just have to brush up on my minute taking skills before the official takeover of the new PAC.

Thought I would post a picture tonight. My kids kept picking all the daffodils this spring and I took a few shots of them that I finally got downloaded (or is it uploading?) from my camera. So here's the best one. I am so lucky my little ones are always thinking of me when they see the beauty of nature. **Sigh... Now the daff's are long over and the yellow tigerlilies out front are the next victims. I can't wait.

The photoshoot on Friday was relatively successful. Jaime, the photographer was excellent, as was her fab makeup artist. I'm just glad they both had lots of patience for the kids. I think we got a few good shots, but it's hard to tell yet. I was quite embarassed by TC's behaviour as he couldn't keep his tongue in his mouth for some reason. All he wanted to do was ham it up of course, in his typical non-listening 3-year old style. I did have my special helper, my Mom with me and , man, I don't know how I would have done it without her.

Yesterday was a long overdue visit with my kiddies half-siblings. L finally got her 13th Bday gift from us, a month late. Shocking. I can't believe she's graduating from Grade 7 already! And she got a gorgeous grad dress from Gramma Peggy. And B is over 5-9" tall! Unbelielvable. Oh they grow up so fast!

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