The Thing...

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Here is a photo of what has been clearly keeping me so busy; (one of the tings at least!)

What is it you ask? Why, a coffee cozy, of course!!! Yes, this baby is made from hemp/cotton fabric and is natural with red contrast on the inside. My labels are on the outside, so I have given some to Fashion High to sell at the Vancouver Home & Interior Design Show this weekend. The goal is to get more interest in hemp and it's benefits so I made these to get people thinking while they're drinking their java.. As hemp is a tubular fibre it offers great insulatory properties, making it perfect for an application like this. If everyone had one in their purse/pocket, imagine how much paper we would save on those throw away ones.

These would make a great gift item for those who are on the go coffee consumers. I plan on giving some out to friends and clients and such with a gift card for their fave java joint.

If you or someone you know would like to order one, please feel free to email me via my website, Tum Tum Tree Designs. They are going for $6 plus shipping (add $1-ish).

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