Yeah for Free (Green) Publicity!!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Look what appeared in the weekend Sun! Yep, That's right, un-huh! In black and white, there is my coffee cozy, right above my name and my company for all to see! I am sooo excited! Chantal Eustace from the Vancouver Sun was interviewing the fabulous Sarah Murray last week of local Fashion High (BALLE BC) fame and low and behold, the coffee cozy became somewhat of a "natural celebrity" (pun intended!) The interview apparently became focussed on the cozy and Chantal being the auther of the green article persued it further with me. More info and photo went to her and the rest as they say, is HISTORY!

This will really advance my sales opportunities I believe as I am finally published in a mainstream daily publication. Like I said, yeah for green! publicity free!
I am just soaking it all in.
I am wondering who else might want one of these cozies? (not the people who are destined to get one for the holidays of course!)

Bring it on!

It seems I am in good company too, as other big names are sharing the limelight with me on this particular page. Jon Fluevog shoes and oqoqo are among the other big names in print. Not to mention the opposite page that discusses the mainstreaming of sustainability. Good to see more people are getting green.

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