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Monday, January 15, 2007

Got Seasonal cards hanging around and don't know what to do with them? Why not send them to someone who can put them to good use! I have started a great project that reuses previously enjoyed cards, turning them into lovely gift tags that can be used next season! Kids are going to be running the show on this program because the older kids can do the actual work and learn a thing or two about making something useful that incorporates recycling and raises funds for a good cause.

So help us make these -

Into these fab tags. This bunch of tags was made from just one Christmas card. Imagine what we can do with a whole lot more! Tell all your friends and family! Leave a comment and I will send you an adress where you can send us your cards.
The tags will be sold next season for cash that will go into the pot for extracurricular programs. One set consists of 10 tags and the price next season will likely be $1 per package of 10 tags. You can rest easily knowing that your previously enjoyed seasonal cards will be going to a worthy cause that demonstrates the value of recycling to grade schoolers.
Thanks and I hope to see those comments soon!

**Update: You will have to email me to get the mailing address. Email here:
ds4334 at yahoo dot ca
Thanks for all the support!

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MagicPlanetUsers said...

Please let me know where to send these cards. I have a whole stack I was saving for the St. Jude's (I think) project of the same type, but they stopped accepting them ...

Rascallion said...

Hi there,
I thought I would be able to email you through the comment moderation but apparently I can't. Please email me directly and I'll send back the address to you.
Thanks so much for your support, we would love to get your cards.