A New Recycling Project

Friday, January 12, 2007

I have started a new recycling project that is meant to raise funds for our local Community Association (read school, preschool and related programs).

I posted on Craigs List requesting people send in their used seasonal and holday cards for a project that will turn the cards into great gift tags using my tag punch. After working at it for 10 months we will have great stock available for purchase for next season.

The project is easy enough that the kids can do most of the production work. This will also teach them the value of recycling and finding valuable resources (read ca$h money) from what would otherwise be at the very least blue-box filler.

Thanks to Moe who responded to the CraigsList post, I also got a tipped off to the ChangeEverything.ca site. I have signed up and started posting for the resolution challenge, assuming I completed the steps right. Hopefully there will be some more interest as the CraigsList post did not get the response I had hope for but I will continue to post there as well.

Pics of the Tag Project will be up soon. Momentarily even.

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Kate said...

Hi, I am the moderator of www.ChangeEverything.ca and I am really interested in your recycling project (I bet other users would be, too). I have searched the site and I can't seem to find anything.

I encourage you to post your stories on ChangeEverything.ca