Evolution, or Lack There of.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

This is a photo of my daughter's art work that she did when she ws around 3 years of age. Interesting to see it then and see what it has become (she is now 6). It is night and day, I tell you. (Some now pics will be up later.) Totally loving those pink trees at the bottom, and how about those peeps? The mutant X guy with the multi jointed limbs is very awe-inspiring. At least they are happy people.

I was just looking over my blog that is getting to be near the 1 year mark, which is supposed to be a big milestone in the "blogosphere" (who thought that up? and how did it catch on?).

So funny how things evolve or even tend to not evolve. There are some stats on blogging and the numbers are quite high for those who begin and just like a traditional journal, don't keep it up for very long. In light of these numbers, I can definitely say that I am doing well, though this blog seems to be ...umm... all over the map. Very lacking in direction for certain.

When I do post, which often seems like a chore, things are very non-personal and have evolved to be more of a day to day operations list of some important things I am focussing on. I had meant for this to be more inspiration than factual info, but I can only work on it to make it better and not dwell on it. It's only a blog afterall.

I was impressed by my style of writing, although more so in the beginning than as of late. This could also be due to the fact that the really juicy parts of my personal life (the funny tidbits about family life that make you roll on the floor laughing) are all posted on my family blog, which I share with only selected viewers for reasons of privacy and safety and such.

Oh well. Enough lamenting. I guess I am not surprised that I have very few hits compared to some other bloggers who have been at it for the same amount of time. I have to work on that.

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debmoynahan said...

I have some Christmas cards for your tag project
how are things lately?

anonymous jones said...

Happy blog-Birthday!! I must have started around the same time as you, I can't remember what date exactly but I'm pretty sure it was February last year. Thanks for visiting my blog - you are always welcome!

p.s. I love drawings by little kids - you should frame those or laminate them or something!