Apple Fair

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Today the Apple Fair was on at the Orchard Museum in town. It's an annual event and there was lots to see in the building. The museum itself is quite an interesting walk, with all kinds of tidbits on the apple industry and other agricultural facts in general. Unfortunately the building is very dark inside and so good photos were hard to get, but I did manage to catch these too below.

This is a stack of old wooden boxes that are used to transport the harvest, displaying the logos of different suppliers. There were many examples of these and I just love the old-school graphic look of them all stacked together.

This here is a pic of the HUGE model train that shares space in the museum. It is a big draw for the kids as you can imagine. There is even a little itty bitty OGOPOGO in the lake part of it, but my camera wouldn't take a good shot of it as it was right up near the protective glass. (Too much glare) At any rate, we all had fun.

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