Resolutions.....Better Late than Never

Monday, January 14, 2008

So I hadn't really thought much about the resolution thing this year. I have the usual stand-by ones that most people can generally identify with;

  • Eat Healthier (My every year aspiration)
  • Exercise More (as in more than the run to get the kids to school on time!)
  • Lose Weight (yes, that 25 pounds that keeps stalking me is in my sights now)
These are the personal ones that I will try to keep on track in some manageable way (again).
There is one more though that I would like to draw special attention to;

I had no idea how bad the big corporations were in their "turn a blind eye" to slave labour practices until this Treehugger post put it into perspective for me. The post really brought a point home to me that we really do not know what goes into many of the products we purchase.

Now it is going to be very challenging for me to not eat chocolate at all so I will have to find some alternatives to the usual mass produced stuff. If I ever get to the mall here in town I will have to check into the Ten Thousand Villages shop and see what they have to offer.

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