Back to School Tomorrow

Sunday, January 06, 2008

So school is starting up again tomorrow and I think everyone is happy about that. As you can see the kids all had fun on their visit here but the "horsing around" has been taken to a new level.

This is a photo of my little guy actually jumping over his big sis - yes he's in mid air! The acrobatics were getting quite creative when I took this pic so I had to put an end to them soon after. (Yes it's all fun until someone looses an eye as they say!)

So our lovely guests, two of the three half-siblings my kids have are back on their way home to the coast today. I think they enjoyed the visit, though they are probably missing their video games and cable TV shows at this point and will be happy to be back. You can only play so many games of hide-an-go-seek, right?

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