Gilded Cage Design

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Gilded Cage Design is the work of the very talented artist and designer Robin Sweet.

Ms. Sweet's impressive background combines her education in Clothing Construction and Textile Science with an extensive career in design and merchandising. She as many years of experience in retail merchandising, film and theater styling, costume and set design, as well as art direction.

Robin's personal creative muse is represented in her line of Victorian inspired accessories and one of a kind artisan dolls. Her work can be seen both on her personal website and her newly created blog. Robins Etsy shop has quite a following with over 360 fellow Etsians calling Gilded Cage Design a favorite already.

A keen eye for detail serves Ms. Sweet well as she hand makes all of her works using ribbons, laces and other vintage bits from her collection. The intricate details in each piece make for a bountiful feast for the eye. One could easily add an air of elegance and glamour of olden times with a piece from her shop. It seems as if the wearer is donning a piece of history as well as instantly brightening up a look at the same time.

Check out the links, you won't be disappointed. (links to follow)

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