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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

So yeah it was quite a day. Brownies, lots of crazy stuff. It was my day to volunteer so I brought snacks. It is supposed to be healthy snacks only for Brownies. Is chocolate milk and fortune cookies considered healthy? I hope so....The girls were all quite happy anyhow.

Here is a new and awesome geek tool that I found recently. Vector Magic is an online tool that changes your rastor images (aka. crappy line drawings in my case) into nice vectorized images. I think some smarty pantzes from Stanford U developed it but I'm not sure. I also can't remember where exactly I came across this little gem either. I was so excited to get going and try it out that any other relevant and otherwise applicable information went promptly by the wayside.

Before: Scanned image of hand drawn scroll.

After: Nicely Vectorized Image - me likes!!!

This would be a great tool for anyone into graphic design who just dabbles and doesn't really want to fork out the cash for big high falootin expensive graphic programs. (Yes, like me...) I am going to work on a nicer banner for my shop because the one I am currently trying to pass off as a professional looking banner is quite sad indeed.

Normally I don't like to share my super duper tricks that I find as I like to keep all the awesome tidbits to myself so I look like a star. Considering nobody actually reads this blog, letting the tricks out of the bag shouldn't really be a problem so I am sharing. That and I am feeling particularly generous today.

So there you go, you all can have some fun with that for a few hours.
Oh and don't thank me, thank those brainiacs at the lab!
(Special thanks to the people at Stanford U, what would I do without you?)

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rtisan said...

well, I, for one, am glad you shared a scret. That vector thingie is amazing and I want to look into it. Thanks!

PolkaDotsAndPaisley said...

Very interesting program, thanks for sharing!