Superbowl Banter...

Sunday, February 03, 2008

as it leaves the mouth of the 5 year old..

  • What is N dot Y dot G dot?
  • Do I have to cheer for them?
  • Who is the baddest?
  • Why don't they make up a new game? They can all stop and do push-ups on the field and the one who does the most wins!
  • How come the guy has to be on one knee?
  • Wow, is he a real giant?
  • Are they playing now?
  • I want one of the red guys to win.
and last but certainly not least.....
  • ..ooooooh, dat's gotta hurt........!
All this and the game is not even over yet. I'll have to keep you all posted... if I don't pee my pants laughing!

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