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Monday, March 24, 2008

Just a heads up to all you green-types about the Carnival of the Green, a weekly eco-carnival put on by the uber-eco Treehugger. This week is hosted by none other than my virtual acquaintance Victoria Everman. She hosts the COTG on her own website this week(an excellent resource for all things green) while staying very busy I am sure co-authoring the Crafting a Green World blog(self explanatory title) among other things.

For some great green posts, head on over and check the action. You will notice how busy Victoria is with her writing, environmentalism, modeling and even crafting. Somehow she even manages to fit yoga into her busy schedule. I'm glad she does all that she does and you can rest assured that the week's postings will be very resourceful.

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Victoria E said...

Thanks for the coverage on my hosting the Carnival of the Green! :D