Monday, March 24, 2008

You have been awarded an Arte Blog Award!!! Please forward this award on to 5 more deserving blogs that you would like to share the bloggie love with! BUT please only do so if you feel like it, this award comes with no absolute obligations to it!

This Arte Award originated with a Spanish language blog, so I do not really know the details in full as my Spanish is limited at best. Please do visit the Arte y Pico blog for more details (in Spanish of course.)

As far as I know the award did not come with any badge so I took the liberty of creating one. If you bestow this award on any lovely blogs, please feel free to use this code when you alert your intended recipients. Copy and paste it into the email message you will send to let your recipients in on the Arte Award. (Post the code in your blog where you like but please do not alter code, the image is copyright to me and I would like to track where it goes.)

<a href=""><img src=""alt="ArteAward"></a>

Happy Blogging!!!

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