Feature Spot on Indie-Pendence Blog Today!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Well here I was lamenting about what to post about today when I got an email from the lovely Mary Ann over at the Indie-pendence blog. Check it out! I made the feature page for today!

The Indie-pendence is all about what else - all kinds of indie shopping and handcrafted goodies. Mary Ann also runs the amazing Etsy shop, Magpie Mary which is filled with the most unusual vintage finds and fab stamping fun supplies. I am drooling over the 1964 alphabet cards she has. I totally remember playing that Probe game as a kid (though secretly the name scared me.) Seriously, where does she ever find all that stuff?

Aynywho, go on, check out the feature article and browse around the Indie-pendence site. It's chock full of indie goods.

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ivy & bryson said...

Congrats on making the front page! The hemp dress is really beautiful, think I might get one for my niece for her next birthday :)

I just set up shop on etsy myself(finally!). Check it out at www.paperelixir.etsy.com!