What I did on Earth Day

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The celebration aspect of Earth Day seems to have been taken to a new level of - dare I say it - consumerism this year. Treehugger did a post on the subject, likening Earth Day to the new Christmas for the Green and I have to say that I agree with the comparison. Every where I look lately eco-this or greener-that is in the headlines. While this would be great if it was just an issue in it's own right, it is usually attached to some kind of special offer, to buy something.

In my own little silent boycott I tried to stay away from all of that, even canceling the big Earth Day Sale Event I had planned for my own online shop. I just can't justify flogging something just because it is Earth Day. We should be going green every day, not just on Earth Day and by that I mean using less, which ultimately equates to buying less.

I only bought the necessary groceries on my list today. Since the store was giving away cute little evergreen trees, I graciously accepted one to plant at home with the kids in honour of the Earth. And no, I didn't need a bag for it either because I always bring my own.

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