Sheryl Crow; Do as I Say, Not What I do!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Look at what I came across recently!
Cute little Go Green buttons on the supposedly eco-conscious Sheryl Crow's website.

Looks pretty good, right? I thought so too until I looked a little harder. Seems Sheryl is more about the talk than the walk.
I actually thought about buying a tank top from Sheryl's merch page but when I clicked on the pic for more info fully expecting to see a hemp content or at the very least some organic cotton, all I saw displayed was 100% cotton. Yep, regular cotton. I guess the status quo is okay for the one square advocating Sheryl to flog to her fans. Is it really all about the mighty dollar? There are so many options for more sustainable promo tees, I thought that Sheryl would have used the opportunity to let her fans also be fans of Mother Nature at the same time and have a green option for a tee.

I even wrote a little inquiry to her merch company to see what they had to say about it but a response doesn't look promising. Seems they only treat comments or concerns attached to an order number with any seriousness as they "might not be able to respond to inquiries without an order number".

As I looked further into Sheryl's promo offerings I was even more disappointed as I saw they are using (*gasp...!) poly-cotton blends!!!! for some of the shirts. The horror! I have a good mind to change the code on that cute little green button up there and point it to a green site that actually offers great green goods made from hemp. But then, that would be totally unethical of me wouldn't it?

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