One for the Kitty

Saturday, May 24, 2008

I have been missing some visuals in the blog as of late so I am going for some gratuitous kitty-love. I was reminded by a fellow blogger recently of how much readers just love to see furry friends on a blog so here is my take on it.

We don't actually have a cat so I give homage to my mother's most lovable feline friend, Willy. Despite what you may have read on another blog, Willy is THE MOST SWEETEST thing you could ever meet. I say sweetest thing because although technically Willy is a cat, he has no idea that he is of the felis catus persuasion. He is an indoor cat and rightly so because I think all the cat instinct has been bred right out of him. In fact he acts more like a lapdog than a cat but I don't think anyone is complaining.

R.I.P. Georgio.
Georgio was a lovely Main Coone cat that my brother had for a few years. This is a drawing I did of him last summer. I did the drawing from a photo because I never had the pleasure of meeting Georgio in person. Sadly he had to be put down recently due to cancer of the liver. He will be missed I am sure. He did leave quite a legacy behind as he was a retired stud cat and there are many of his not-so-little offspring running around the GTA.

Incidentally, did you know that onions and garlic are toxic to cats? I had no idea! Read more about it here.

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JoTee said...

okay your kitty looks a lot like our kitty, new member to Indie