A Seussian House

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Once upon a time, way back when I had the idea that when I became successful and independently wealthy I would build a custom dream home for myself. And not just any dream home for me. OH NO, the status quo just won't do, I had the idea that if I built a place it would be all crazy and wacky, just like a house Ted Geisel would be proud to call home. It would have stairs and doors all off-kilter like the classic Cat in the Hat or Whoville style.

Alas, that dream has not quite come to fruition yet as I am still waiting for my millions to roll in but at least now I can easily find fitting furniture and modern art to outfit my imaginary abode. (Clicking the images will take you to their source for credit.)

Dust cabinet



circles painting

small tiles

red poppy

So much fun to see the artistes of the world making a vision into a virtual reality!
Are there any secret dreams that you have been working on that might inspire someone else as well? Please share!

3 witty words:

JoTee said...

from Indie Public to here, ah you are so very talented!

Pam Hawk said...

love it love it love it!

I could happily live in a warped home in Seuss Village. With warped furniture in odd colors. That is so me.

Plus, that circle-y triptych is fun and I need something like that in my life.

Yea, I know. Want vs. Need...
That painting falls into my "need" category. Like air and water.

Richard said...

I love all that stuff! I too have a great appreciation for interior design, especially after I got addicted to HGTV. That Dr. Seuss furniture is awesome.