LOOK! To the Right!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

So just in case you are new here, please take a moment to appreciate the pretty BLANK advertising spots on your right.

They are the Project Wonderful spots that I posted about and guess what......They are brand spankin' new so they are FREE!!!!

***UPDATE: My very sharp friend with the great name, Stacey pointed out that my ad box was not activated but it is now.

2 witty words:

Stacey said...

^^ Since you first posted about this site, I've found it very interesting! I hope to get to try it out soon, myself. I just wanted to let you know, though, that your bidding box says you haven't activated it yet, so nobody can bid on an advertising spot for your site yet.

Rascallion said...

AHAH! No wonder, thanks!