Ceramics in White

Monday, July 07, 2008

Not many folks know that I took a semester of ceramics while in college. I really loved it but clay ceramics and pottery is such a challenging medium to do well.

I have always had a big appretiaton for the craft since I was very young but it sure is difficult to get your vision to turn into reality when it comes to clay. I gave up after a while when a few too many of my hand built mugs blew up in the kiln.

Anywho, I give you a lovely selection of pottery and ceramic arts from Etsy, please do visit and enjoy their work;
1. Plain White bottles by AntB.
2. Sugar bowl by Barb Dunshee.
3. Tiny text bowl with JOY by Paloma's Nest
4. White Horse pendant by Boonepottery.
5. Porcelain Pebble earrings from Yasha Butler.
6. Small White vase made by Krista Sharp.
7. The Whirl Bowl from Kim Westad.
8. White Dot bowl by Marymee Studio.
9. Pair of white shot glasses from Susan Young.
10. Elegant white serving dish made by Isabellea Bramson.
11. Tippy Saki set from Laurel Begley.
12. The Urchin Bowl made by Element Clay Studio.

2 witty words:

Pam Hawk said...

Those are lovely.

I took a ceramic class in college, too. I knew I was the teachers' pet as far as effort and attitude, I was far from his best student. My pots and bowls had horrible thick bottoms and my cups leaked. Well - the class was a lot of fun while it lasted!

Pam Hawk said...

Hey Stacy, just a quick general question - how did you change your blog settings to show "Witty words" instead of "Comments" at the bottom of each post?

I've been trying to figure out how I did that months ago when I started this but now can't figure out how to change it. Blogger help indicates I need to tweak some code in the HTML of the blog but I don't recall it being that difficult to change. Any recollection how you did it?