Ideas for a Staycation

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Yesterday we were at the beach and a tourist asked me what we do as a family for fun around here. That really got me thinking- what DO we DO all summer long?

Because we live in a town that is considered a "vacation destination" the thought of going somewhere else is somewhat of an afterthought. Why would we go anywhere else when we live in a summer paradise? (Especially with the ever-rising prices at the gas pump.) A staycation is standard around these parts.

I told the man who was enjoying the beach with his own young family that really we spend most of our time at the shore or local water parks. The kids never seem to get bored of that. We spend about 4 or 5 days a week on the water, weather permitting. If you are looking to do something else there are the typical vacation theme spots like the mini golf centre, bowling, camping etcetera.

For those days that we don't do the beach thing, there are many other ways that we pass the time. We don't have cable so watching TV is relegated to the odd video rented from the store but we don't really have lots of time for the tube to be honest.

Here are a few of the things we do to keep busy:
Paper crafts - making cards, recycled paper projects, collage and stamps.
Library visits - always a whole new world every time.
The local ECO centre offers lots of exploration.
Hiking - trails are abundant around here'
Bike riding - long leisurely rides on our mostly bike friendly roads.
Other crafts; sewing projects, drawing, soap carving (a favorite!) to name a few.
Practical skills like reading and writing, knitting etc.
Baking! A favorite.
Gardening fun.
Puzzles and board games.

When we are really desperate, there are the old stand-by's in the computer; the kids love their Webkinz site and keep their pets well fed and cared for. (Even though I think that Webkinz were invented by the WOEG - World Order of Evil Geniuses - to get kids virtually hooked on consumerism at an early age.)
Other fun resources we like:
The Crafty Crow
Enchanted Learning
Creative Kids at Home

So this should keep you all busy if there is a lull in the activity around your place this summer.
If you have any other ideas, please share them in the commments.

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The Senakams said...

Thanks for sharing the links! Don't have kids yet but I'm always struggling with games to play with them (i.e. occupy them) when they're around. These will come in handy!

And living in the San Francisco Bay Area, we're familiar with the concept of "staycations", I think I'm gonna start using this word now ;)

Anonymous said...

i was wondering about this as well-- how to have fun if you are already living a 'permanent vaca'. i was pondering this, because my boyfriend and i are moving to a townhouse with a studio at the beach. i am excited about the move-- i just hope i don't grow tired of living at the beach! (i doubt it, though ;)

Pam Hawk said...

I wish I could think up some good Staycation ideas here in So-Lame, er, I mean Salem.

Any Staycations at my house would probably be like this one:

Especially the part about the mitten and tomato sauce.

Maybe I'll briefly move to your town during my Staycation, then move back home when the Staycation is over?