Twittering at 4 AM is Annoying.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oh my fine feathered friends. How I love your chirps, your tweats, your cheep-cheeps and your twitters. Even your tuit-tuits are a lovely sound to hear. I am so lucky to be close to nature and hear your familiar noises that brighten my day.

Notice that I say DAY because I do not mean NIGHT. As in 3:30 in the morning! How can all the flying forest critters be wide awake and twittering like it was midday when it is not even showing a hint of day break yet?

I am completely baffled in my sleep deprived state as to how the birds know when to wake the world with all of the chirping going on around here. Hooty, the resident owl has not even retired yet when the birds start up with their racket. I just don't get it. Maybe they don't get it either and there is more to this global warming thing than meets the eye. Could it be the birds are completely confused and have their internal clocks all upside down? Or have they always been this busy in the wee hours and I just never noticed.

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Anonymous said...

you have a resident owl within your propinquity? that rocks... 8)